Better Man

Angel Shona
1 min readAug 31, 2021

If you have a good Man,

Hold on to him, And when I say a good man, I don’t mean a man who is “perfect”, but a man who tries.

He is hardworking, will go above and beyond to make you happy.

Imperfect but is working towards being a better man.

He is not out here to making you look dumb, he’s your best friend and you can run to him with and for everything.

Yes, he’s going to mess up here and there but if he’s trying to be a better man for you,

Love that man, keep that man, celebrate than man because that man is hard to find. There is a difference between finding and searching.

Angel, If you think you were desperately trying to change as a person to be with someone,
Then why not give Shona the same chance for all what he stood for in this relationship. The rigour and assiduous character he holds within him, would have helped him do wonders of that one opportunity.

Loyalty and Honesty are the most underrated traits in an relationship,
Because imperfection is judged by the missing bricks in a wall,
But the strength of the wall is within the ones which are holding it still.
If something is missing, go and fill that void, because its there for a reason.