New Beginning

Angel Shona
2 min readAug 11, 2021

Love is not just about static memories
Its about being loyal and cutting distance,
Embracing flaws and appreciating strengths,
But most importantly its about being selfless and doing sacrifices
I know your intentions and sacrifices,
Telling the honest ones on my face would have been difficult and,
I totally understand, the right choice to make.
Loving from a distance is surreal and extraordinary.
This one is special, and may be the one which brings my enough emotions out.


Some people believe there is a one,
The one who points your way to the sun.
A person they believe makes them complete,
The one who will support when facing defeat.

You are my angel, my one and only,
My forever love, so we will never be lonely.
You have brought to my life all your love and care.
It made me see when I realised how rare

What you have done, you have illuminated my soul.
Its you and your love that has made me whole.
The feel of your love, your soft touch and caress,
We are tight, so close, your heart beats in my chest.

All that we have always felt missing before.
Though I love you today, tomorrow it will be more.
Our love is life, we are the strongest tree,
Which will always grow forever, like you and me.

You have opened my heart and held it so dear.
You are my angel and will always keep it near.
You have seen my ups and cared when I was low.
You are my angel, I just need you to know.

You entered my life through a ray of sun above,
And when we leave, we will leave with love.
My love for you has become my reason to be.
I hope one day you will find your angel beyond me.

We made it sweet, we kept it long
Bond between us will be, forever strong
I have lot to say but the words are short
Just one promise, we will never keep us apart

Days will pass, hours will fade
Minutes will fly, memories will be made
Blink your eye, I will still be here
Miss me ever, just text me there?

I promise you angel, I will treat you like a dove
1000 years will pass, But will be still in love


Today is a fresh day in your notebook,

I am deleting our memories,

Please run without any obstruction,

Jump with no rope tied,

and fly with your wings and head held high.


All the best for the New chapter in your life

with your persistence,

dedication, strength, resilience and determination

You are on your way to doing some great things indeed

Focus towards being independent and, trust in your abilities,

It will take you to the heights which no one has seen.

Most importantly enjoy your job.

Take Care Angel
somehow, somewhere
I will be rooting for you and always keep smiling