She Knows

Angel Shona
2 min readAug 23, 2021

We can’t do this relationship anymore and this is for the best of our both’s parents. Dad is extremely caste obsessed and no matter how much I patiently, with emotions or without it try to convince him he just ends up yelling on me and raising his own blood pressure which affects his kidneys. Tantrums and blackmail acts just worsen the situation even more. Even if we somehow convince them, they will keep coming on all stupid things which I never felt was necessary in a relationship like home decor, caste, your age, education. All of which in my view are excellent in you. You have more homes in Mumbai than us. A better car than us. What actually matters in a marriage is how we both grow together, emotionally and professionally. Dad is caste obsessed and egotistic as hell. He has told me u are under us till u get married then u are under your husband. He has told me I am his property and he decides where to give me and where not. We have had just too many fights and I have explained in all possible ways that stop doing this to me but neither of mom or sis feel that I should pressure dad more on marrying you. It’s just going to hurt everyone except me. Your parents, my parents, your sis, and even you. Only I stand to gain. The only thing dad keeps chanting all day ki hicha lagna karun dila ki mi mokla hoil. That’s all he wants. He considers me as the cause of all this health problems. They can’t see the nobility in you to offer help of all the best doctors in Mumbai via Nikhil despite not recieving the grandeur you deserve for all your and dad’s exceptional achievements.
- Angel

This resistance just reflects the amount of love someone can have for their parents. Most of the times parents are completely incompatible to you. Yes, they do sacrifices to serve the best to you. But, some daughters overweigh these sacrifices with their trust, kindness, love and obsession for their parents.

And, that is even more precious, impactful and significant than a hecatomb.