The Last Time I Kissed You

Angel Shona
1 min readSep 14, 2021

An unknown source on internet told me the most relatable story today.

The last time I kissed you

You said,
I will see you in a few days

a few days later, you called and asked did you see the news?
I said, yes

We both tried to seek comfort in the silence that followed

You said longing was just a word

and that distance was just a state of mind

You said you saw our love on the news today,
it was breaking you said

I told you
I had stopped believing in the news since I met you

I promised you
A pandemic can only forecast the weather, not our love.

You said, that made you smile.

the last time I kissed you,
I had not known
It would be so long
till I kiss you again

I wish
I had closed my eyes longer
and held your waist tighter.

I thought
The street of our kisses
would always be busy,

But I have never seen
a street this empty.

So till I kiss you again,
I will sleep to the memory
of your hair on my face.

and I will continue to believe
that longing is just another word,
I don’t know the meaning to.